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Welcome to the party 🥳

FFmpeg.party is an informal resource for FFmpeg generators, tips, tricks, and guides. It’s a side project for me. About »

I finally made some updates.


x264 (AVC) encoder parameters
Settings for the x264 encoder that I've found to work very well.
x265 (HEVC) encoder parameters
Settings for the x265 encoder that I've found to work very well.


All I’ve got right now is the time calculator:

Duration calculator
A quick calculator that helps you calculate an output duration parameter.
Stable Diffusion WEBM tool
A tool for generating ffmpeg commands that turn a sequence of images into a WEBM video file.


Some outstanding FFmpeg resources:

You can find answers to almost everything you could want to do there.


Stuff I want to add next:

  1. A guide to dealing with interlaced NTSC 480p sources, such as digitized VHS tapes or captured DV tapes.
  2. A generator for video filters, probably starting with bwdif, crop, and stuff like that.
  3. Once I have enough content I’ll design and organize the navigation.