A party

Welcome to the party 🥳

FFmpeg.party is an informal resource for FFmpeg generators, tips, tricks, and guides. It’s a side project for me. About »

I’ve only just got started so there isn’t much available yet, but I think going ahead and publishing as I go instead of waiting for the site to be “done” is a better way to incentivize progress.

We'll do it live

We shall do it live.


First of all, I want to point out a really outstanding resource:


You can find answers to almost everything you could want to do there.


All I’ve got right now is the time calculator:

Duration calculator
A quick calculator that helps you calculate an output duration parameter.


Stuff I want to add next:

  1. A guide to what I have found to be excellent x264 and x265 settings.
  2. A guide to dealing with interlaced NTSC 480p sources, such as digitized VHS tapes or captured DV tapes.
  3. A generator for video filters, probably starting with bwdif, crop, and stuff like that.
  4. Once I have enough content I’ll design and organize the navigation.