Duration calculator for FFmpeg

How to use

Just type your start and end times into the fields at the top and the duration calculator will tell you the duration you want for your FFmpeg command.

You can use any of these formats:

  • SSS…[.xxx]
    (seconds expressed as a decimal number)
  • MM;SS.xxx
    (minutes ; seconds . milliseconds)
  • HH;MM;SS.xxx
    (hours ; minutes; seconds . milliseconds)

You can use a semicolon ; instead of a colon : so that you don’t have to deal with the pesky Shift key. (But you do have ot use a dot . to delineate milliseconds.)

Note: The interpretation of the time you entered is shown beneath the input field in both timecode and seconds. These values are rounded to milliseonds but the calculation is done without rounding.

Why does this exist?

I was tired of using time calculators that aren’t so suited for calculating time codes for FFmpeg. I was also tired of pressing a “submit” button, so this form just runs on every key press.